TNZ Coaches & Managers Appointments

1 Jun

Auckland Touch would like to congratulate the following Auckland coaches and managers for their appointment to the NZ16, NZ18, NZ20 and NZ Masters team!

As a province, we’re extremely proud to see more of our Auckland up representing the country

  • Ariana Brown - Manager NZ16 Mixed & NZ35 Women
  • Savanna Walker - Manager NZ16 Boys & NZ18 Women
  • Tia Mativa - Manager NZ18 Men
  • Isaac Walker - Head Coach NZ18 Men
  • LeToia Tainui-McIntyre - Head Coach NZ20 Women
  • Michael Cavanagh - Asst. Coach NZ20 Men
  • Peter Samuel - Asst. Coach NZ20 Mixed
  • John Tetini - Head Coach NZ50 Men

Full appointment list can be found on the official Touch New Zealand website.

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